Hard to Be a God is a science fiction novel by Soviet writers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, The book pays a lot of attention to the internal world of the main character, showing his own evolution from an emotionally uninvolved ' observer'. Hard to Be a God book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The novel follows Anton, an undercover operative from the future. Hard to Be a God (Rediscovered Classics) [Arkady Strugatsky, Boris Strugatsky, Olena Author interviews, book reviews, editors' picks, and more. Read it now.

Hard To Be A God Book

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Editorial Reviews. Review. “An enjoyable, exciting, and gratifying novel.” —New York Times. “A thoroughly good book robust, imaginative, satisfying. Hard to Be a God. Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, trans. from the Russian by Olena Bormashenko. Chicago Review (IPG, dist.), $ trade. Last night, I finished It's Hard To Be a God. It was striking and something of a jolt. Gone are the innocence, hope and optimism of the early works, of “The Land of.

My edition Masterworks benefits enormously from a framing essay by Ken Macleod, which puts the novel and its authors in the context of events in the Soviet Union and their understanding of Marxist theory. But this is no crude attempt by the Strugatskys to shoehorn revolutionary politics into a SF novel.

But it also raises real questions - how do you stop a fascist movement bent on eradicating knowledge and burning books? Anton knows the answer, the mobilisation of the masses against the reactionaries, but in an echo of the central point of the book and the authors' philosophy this proves impossible as the masses simply are not yet able to move in this way.

First published in and highly popular in the Soviet Union as well as abroad, the book has not dated much, partly because the writers don't dwell too much on the technology behind the observers' work. I highly recommend Hard to be a God, and am slightly surprised I haven't heard about it before.

I look forward to digging out other works by the Strugatskys. Hey, Rumata! Found any soap yet? And then what happens, you ask?

Rumata kinda sorta loses spoiler spoiler spoiler, and kinda sorta becomes spoiler spoiler spoiler. And then what else? Why spoiler spoiler spoiler, DUH.

This is thought-provoking. This is funny.

This is dramatic. This is fast-paced. And this is entertaining as fish. Need I say more? Rumata feels alarmed, as the kingdom is changing into a fascist police state which would never have developed in equivalent medieval societies on Earth.

Rumata has attempted to save the most talented poets, writers, doctors and scientists, smuggling them abroad into neighboring countries. Rumata tries to convince his colleagues that a more active intervention must take place.

However, Don Goog rendered in the English translation as Don Gug who had appeared earlier as Pashka and Don Kondor an elder and more experienced observer feel that he has become too involved in native affairs and cannot see the historical perspective objectively.

They remind him of the dangers of overly active meddling with the history of the planet. Not convinced, but left with no other choice, Rumata agrees to continue his work.

'Kill All the Gentlemen': Class Struggle & Change in the English Countryside

Back in the city, Rumata tries pumping multiple people for information, including Vaga Waga in the English translation the Wheel, the head of local organised-crime.

Rumata hopes to seduce her and pump her for information, however, he cannot hide the disgust of whoring himself out and of Okana's lack of hygiene and has to retreat. Rumata's love-interest, a young commoner named Kira, who can't stand the brutality and horrors of fascist Arkanar any longer, asks to stay in Rumata's house.

Rumata gladly agrees and promises to eventually take her with him to "a wonderful place far far away", by which he means Earth. His other plans take a bad turn.

Life in Arkanar becomes less and less tolerable. Reba orders the torture and execution of dona Okana.

Rumata — faced with the horrible consequences of his power-play — goes into a drunken stupor. Finally, left with no other option, in front of the King, Rumata openly accuses Don Reba of kidnapping a famous physician whom he Rumata had invited to tend to the King's maladies.

Hard to Be a God

The ensuing events prove that Don Reba has anticipated and prepared for this. After confessing that he, in fact, kidnapped Dr.

Budah, fearing that the man is not to be trusted with King's life, Don Reba apologizes. He then brings forward a physician, introducing him as Dr. The next night, Rumata, whose turn it is to guard the royal prince and only heir to the throne, is suddenly overwhelmed by dozens of Don Reba's men, and while fighting for his life witnesses them murdering the prince.

They are in turn massacred by monks, apparently members of a Holy Order , a militaristic religious sect. Defeated, Rumata is brought in front of Don Reba. Don Reba reveals that he has been watching Don Rumata for some time — in fact he recognizes Rumata as an impostor — the real Rumata having died a long time ago.Around him, Arkanar succumbs to the Holy Order.

Aleksei German obituary

It also a spawned a much worse film version featuring Werner Herzog and a videogame. In the Chicago Review Press published the first English translation, by Olena Bormashenko, made directly from the Russian original. Rumata's gold is of impossibly high quality and Rumata's sword -fighting style is unheard of, yet he has never killed a single person while staying in Arkanar. The ensuing events prove that Don Reba has anticipated and prepared for this.

Terminological confusion brings about dangerous consequences" p. Yet until now the only English version out of print for over thirty years was based on a German translation, and was full of errors, infelicities, and misunderstandings.

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In the future, a committee of human scholars is convened to search out, observe, and document alien life across the universe. Budah, fearing that the man is not to be trusted with King's life, Don Reba apologizes. Die overbevolkte decors zijn vergeleken met het surrealistische werk van Fellini en de helse taferelen van Jheronimus Bosch.