Smooth Talking Stranger. Home · Smooth Talking Stranger Author: Kleypas Lisa Smooth-Talking Texan (A Family Circle) (Silhouette Intimate Moments). Jack Travis leads the uncomplicated life of a millionaire Texas playboy. He makes no commitments, he loves many women, he lives for pleasure. But no one has. Librarian note: an alternate cover for this edition can be found Gentry is reputed to be the most skillful lover in all England. Known for solving delicate.

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6 days ago Lisa Kleypas Smooth Talking Stranger - [Free] Lisa Kleypas Smooth Talking Stranger [PDF]. [EPUB] Lisa Kleypas (born ) is a best-selling. Lisa Kleypas Document. - Free download or read online Smooth Talking. Stranger pdf (ePUB). (Travises Series) book. The first edition of this.. Feb 17, Get Free Read & Download Files Lisa Kleypas Smooth Talking Stranger PDF. LISA KLEYPAS SMOOTH TALKING STRANGER. Download: Lisa Kleypas.

It was totally sweet to watch these two…well, three actually including Jack. Sometime he will be an amazing dad. This story epitomizes romance. Smooth Talking Stranger displays real, deep and heartfelt love. I loved the playfulness and the intense passion.

Their relationship develops from initial attraction into real friendship, trust, passion and ultimately strong love. Jack is such a fabulous charmer--he is seducing Ella with hilarious dialogue, a rich and smooth voice, sizzling glances, arousing touches…and a spectacular body.

The sex? Let me think about it…oh, now it dawns on me. I remember that I adored the sizzling hawt garage quickie! Seriously, the love scenes are well-written and I loved the utterly intimate and sexy kissing and touching.

I don't know if I can find the right words.

I really liked it. I mean it's nice to see a couple that can handle such a matter with a certain style. No mean accusations. No pissing contests. Initially I was a bit pissed when I had to read that Dane declared their relationship as "open".

Sam Powell

That said, I think it helped them to put an end to their relationship without any major issues. Tara is the opposite of responsible. She prefers to view spoiler [discover and enjoy the world together with her married lover and is "dumping" little Luke on her sister eventually. Yes, Ella loves the baby and she was overjoyed.

Even though I know that Tara has to deal with her problems, I can't excuse her behavior. Ella grew up, dealt with her problems and showed some spine. As for Tara? Sorry, I just can't relate and don't feel any compassion at all. Do we have any place on your list of priorities?

But I was no longer a child. Reminding myself that I was a woman with a college degree, a career, a steady boyfriend, and a circle of good friends, I managed to answer calmly, "I sent cards. That last Mother's Day card didn't say one word about all the things I did for you while you were growing up. All the happy times. She—" My mother was cut off by the angry wail of an infant in the background.

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She left it here, Ella! She's gone! What am I supposed to do? Did she say who the father was? She has ruined her life, Ella. No man will ever want her after this. You know what I went through to keep that from happening to you and Tara. That marriage would have lasted if you and Tara had ever learned to get along with him.

It wasn't my fault that my own children drove him away.

He loved you girls, and you never gave him a chance. And I don't think he was planning to straighten our covers.

No one believes you when you say things like that, Ella. To have large episodes of your childhood blocked out completely?

Don't you think she should remember something about Roger? Those things run on your father's side. Mom, are you sure Tara didn't just go to the store? She left a goodbye note. She won't answer. I'm not going through it again.

I'm too young to have a grand-baby. I don't want anyone to know about this. You come get it before anyone sees him, Ella! Do something with this baby or I'll give it to Social Services. I'll be there in a few hours.

I'm coming. I'm leaving right now. Just hold down the fort. Wait, okay?

I was anxious and trembling, the air-conditioned breeze glancing off my neck and making me shiver. A baby, I thought miserably. Tara's baby. I trudged into the kitchen. He was pouring something bright orange into a martini glass.

Turning, he handed it to me, his green eyes warm with friendly sympathy. I was just thinking I needed a good stiff slug of carrot juice.

I have to drive tonight. He was casually handsome, blond, and lean, with the perpetual toasted-and-salted scruffiness of someone who had just come in from the beach. Most of the time Dane dressed in denim and hemp and enviro-sandals, as if he were perpetually ready for a spontaneous trip to some equatorial region.

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If you'd asked Dane to describe his perfect vacation, it would have been some survivalist trek through an exotic jungle, equipped with only a nylon water bag and a pocket knife. Although Dane had never met my mother or sister, I had told him a lot about them, furtively unearthing memories like fragile artifacts.

It wasn't easy to talk about my past, any part of it. I had managed to trust Dane with the basics: my parents had divorced and my father had left us when I was five.

Smooth Talking Stranger (Travises, #3)

All I heard of my dad after that was that he had gotten a new wife, new children, and there was no place for Tara and me in his second time around. Regardless of his failure as a dad, I could hardly blame him for wanting to escape. It bothered me, however, that my father knew what kind of parent he had left us alone with.

Maybe he reasoned that daughters were better off with their mothers. Maybe he had hoped my mother would get better over time. Or maybe he feared one or both of his daughters would turn out exactly like her, and that was not something he could handle.

There had been no significant man in my life until I had met Dane at the University of Texas. He was always gentle, reading my signals, never demanding too much.

He made me feel safe for the first time ever. And yet for all that, there was something missing between us, something that nagged at me like a pebble that had worked its way into my shoe. Whatever that missing thing was, it kept Dane and me from reaching absolute closeness.

As we stood in the apartment kitchen, Dane put a warm hand on my shoulder. The shaky-cold feeling began to subside.

It would be difficult for him to take the time off. No, let me rephrase—what are you going to do to avoid being stuck with this kid? Just long enough Dane was shaking his head firmly.We've been watching a game. Jack finds an apartment for Ella and proceeds to help her as she adjusts to being a sudden mother to a newborn.

Do they make you nervous? Bachelor playboy Jack Travis is positively delicious View 1 comment. There were a lot more love scenes in this book than the last two, which was great because Jack was quite a lover — nice and dominant in the bedroom just the way I like them. He knew exactly what she needed and how to give it. Ella and Dane have made their relationship about no rules and no promises to each other.