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Uploaded by: SHIRL Soal Tes Uji Kompetensi Guru Bahasa Inggris SMP Choose the correct answer. 1. With new technology, cameras can take pictures of. Terdapat 20 Soal Latihan UKG Online pada paket ini. Paket Latihan Soal UKG Online ini ditujukan untuk sarana berlatih bagi Guru. Prediksi Soal Ukg Bahasa Inggris Smp A4 - [PDF] [EPUB] Prediksi Soal Ukg 2 Pdf DownloadUrban Myths About Learning And EducationUsing Microsoft.

Many people have seen that film several times. I saw it and found it not very A.

The bank refused to cash your check because you it. Son, Id really like you a little harder in school. He has just finished fixing the door and it looks as though a very hard job. How was your weekend, Terry?

Latihan Soal Ukg Online 2015 Untuk Guru Bahasa Inggris Smp

Probably little oil left under the North Sea by the year of Do you like these trousers? On Mercators maps, the far northern and southern polar regions are A.

Reading is your hobby,.? Because snowing B. Because was snowing C. Because there was snowing D. Because it was snowing When I looked into his room, he.

Is it necessary. Lightning rarely twice in the same place. The new teacher in our class.

The package containing books and records. The two new students. To run B. He ran C. After running D. Running Not only , but he also owned a movie studio. Hughes owned Las Vegas hotels B.

Las Vegas hotels owned Hughes Do you want B. Are you minded C.


Do you mind D. Do you think Such D.

I think my answer on the exam I will talk to the children Despite of his broken leg, Allen can walk When B. The longest C. The longer D.

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If This milk is In the West, the birth of a girl is welcomed with an enthusiasm There is a D. An The teacher spoke We will not leave He is. People in other lands laugh at our fashions because they probably cannot.

It is difficult to understand many British actors He was laughing so hard that we thought that he was.


Why do you feel you effended your our hostess last night? He is so honorable that I believe he is His grandfather owns a large.. I have paid for so many traffic violations that I..

The professor sometimes makes remarks that are not.. The biggest one B.. Generic medications are just as.

Of the biggest one b One of the biggest D Frank was very lucky to have escaped with his life.. Her husband has a habit of speaking. There are the biggest In recent times Flag for inappropriate content.

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Search inside document. Choose the correct answer 1.Sorry to trouble you By cooling the steel to a very low temperature B. I have paid for so many traffic violations that I.. I think my answer on the exam When B.

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