Uploaded by. pricilla. Vampiro a Mascara - Livro Das Disciplinas. Uploaded by. Jairo Figueiredo. Livro do Clã - Malkavian Revisado - by Thiago Acodesh. que fizemos do mito do vampiro (como metáfora e canal para a narrativa) pode ser mal Se você realmente gostou deste livro, procure compra-lo assim que possível. Preserve diversas disciplinas nos campos da alquimia, literatura, arte. Find detailed information about "vampiro a mascara livro das disciplinas download pdf" on

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23 dez. Livro da Linhagem Tlacique - Contemplem os servos do Sol! PDF. $. Suggested Price $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (3 ratings) Novos rituais da feitiçaria Nahuallotl, combinações de disciplinas e níveis . (English Review below) Clanbook Tlacique é um marco na história de Vampiro: A Máscara. Not your computer? Use Guest mode to sign in privately. Learn more. Next. Create account. Afrikaans . azərbaycan . català . Čeština . Dansk . Deutsch . eesti. 4 out. By submitting your contact information, you consent to receive communication from Prezi containing information on Prezi's products. You can.

I understand that I may be inconvenienced by the favors he asks back in return. If need be, I will secure his safe passage into a hostile city. I shall reveal unto him secrets I know that could endanger members of my Clan or my Domain. I shall destroy his enemies, whomever they may be. I shall offer physical protection for many nights -- this I accept because I asked roughly the same of the one I owe.

He has given much time, effort and compromised perhaps many things he believes in to give me this favor; thus I do return it. I understand that if required I would even teach him the immortal powers that the Embrace conferred upon me. I shall aid him in whatever political goal he so desires, even if this means openly standing against my Prince or my Clan. I would, if he so wished, locate for him or give him property I own or which he would wish, even if gaining this property is taken at the expense of another.

I am in the debt now- my current existence was dependant upon him. Thus, I owe him things that can never be repaid. I will place myself in danger for him; if my Blood is shed, then I care not. If this means I betray my Clan and Prince and bring him low, I care not. He has done the same for me, so I accept that I shall do it for him. The debt I owe can never be repaid, lest somehow I save his life. I am his to command; I am but a tool for his will; he rules me, and he gives me purpose.

I shall do whatever is asked of me, and if this means that I am to die then so be It- I live only because of him and thus my life is his to command. That means those who are rude on email lists and similar forums.

It also means those who cause trouble while away from home. Even if the court in the city where the trouble occurred have censured the offending Kindred, it always best to shame him again upon his return - not just for the act, but for the shame it brought his home domain. Doing so also tells the rest of the sect that the offender's home domain does not tolerate or support improper behavior.

In such situations, the local prince may even demand that the offender offer a boon to the prince of the offended domain.

Working with Others Being a harpy means working in concert with the rest of the court officers. The harpy must understand the role that each officer plays and how the offices can work together to maintain a strong sect.

Sometimes, it isn't enough for a harpy to scorn those who have done wrong. Sometimes, the entire court has to move against those who have acted shamefully.

Normally, a Kindred has their Status stripped by the harpy, and is properly censured. However, some Kindred commit acts so shameful that the harpy's judgment isn't enough. In those situations, the harpy's announcement of scandal may be swiftly followed by the prince and the offender's primogen also removing Status. Such Kindred have fallen a long way.

Even then, they may still have to attend to the sheriff, who may take advantage of his target's shame to ask some hard questions. Some Kindred bounce back quickly from such scandals - especially elders or court officers, whose age or station requires respect.

Contemplem os servos do Sol! [ATUALIZADO]

Others are not so lucky and can look forward to slowly dragging themselves from the gutter. When the Harpy is the Scandal Harpies have enemies: Lesser harpies want to be them, and Kindred who have been the target of their gossip have cause to hate them. When a harpy stumbles, when she finds herself wrapped in a scandal, her enemies become hyenas, and they find every possible way to tear her apart. In cases where a scandalous of Kindred might walk away with his reputation bruised, a harpy will be torn apart.

Her peers will likely be the first to strike, as it only takes the smell of a scandal for the lesser harpies to have an excuse to act.

Once they make the scandal public, others will follow suit. In the end, she will likely be a harpy no longer, as the court has no tolerance for a gossip that is caught in the hands of hypocrisy. You're a harpy now. They all belong to you. Seems a bit contradictory, doesn't it? The fact is a harpy within their home city can be one of the most powerful players in the game. Once a harpy has backing - especially the backing of most of the primogen - the harpy can come down on anyone, elder, ancillae, prince or colleague.

Create a good working relationship with your prince - you'll be doing most of your grandstanding during her courts. Learn what the prince "wishes" from her harpy. It's always nice when prince and harpy work together - and it gives you more power to say what you want, and leave to sometimes even make an example of the prince.

Are you sure?

Love your Primogen Council. That's right. The Primogen Council supports the harpies, and it's a good idea to keep them happy until you have the public backing to make them look dumb when they deserve it - or when someone pays you to. But never make them look dumb for supporting the harpies!

Always watch it with your primogen. And always know which primogen you can keep in your pocket. If you want to keep your position, have at least one. It's difficult to oust a harpy when you have at least one stalwart supporter. You've got stats. I mean, status! Use it! Playing a harpy means that you are - to use a term coined by one of my favorite players - a social conscience of sorts.

It is your job to watch your prince's court with a social eye. It is your job to ensure that the prince's social will be done.

If you have one of those stuffy elder princes who likes total silence during court, it is your job to watch that there is no one talking, and if there is, it's your job to make an example out of them.

Negative Status exists so that you can assign colorful names to social perpetrators. Never be afraid of throwing your weight around. Use your authority to publicly denounce the mouthy Brujah.

In Character, Mr. Out of Character, assign something like "Lemming," since he seems to be bent on continuing the Brujah stereotype of being loud-mouthed idiots. Brujah hate being thought of as lemmings. Cultivate your harpy contacts. Get to know the Harpies around you. Work with them, learn from them, and help them. There are a number of reasons for this. One, they will help you.

Or they should - boons are always useful. Two, say someone from a nearby city does something questionable in the Domain in which you live, and it's not discovered until a few months after the face. You know their harpy, so you can still hit them. Your prince is forever grateful. And revenge is a dish best served from the deep-freeze.

Three, there is nothing - I repeat - nothing more frightening to a Kindred than a gathering of harpies all bent on one thing: Bringing them down. A good harpy can be almost as frightening as an archon.

Four, gathering your Harping allies can sometimes yield unexpected results. Harpies can be as frightening as a justicar, and in some cases, as powerful in the social arena. A Kindred - prince, elder or childe - getting a good, sound tongue lashing from four different harpies will probably wish you'd just declared that he wasn't worthy of being respected. He won't know what to do when your friends set in on him. This means two things. One, you need to know the rules of the status game backwards and forwards - and your Traditions.

Look to your fellow harpies for assistance - the older and wiser always have good examples to draw on. Two, when you make a public argument, try your best to know every single angle of opposition someone might take, and prepare a counter for it. Even better, don't allow the opposition. The tighter your arguments are, the more respect you'll garner. The first and simplest way to block the arguments against you.

Little black books aren't just for "playas". Keep records. The WTFPL is a very permissive license for software and other scientific or artistic works that offers a great degree of freedom.

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vampiro a mascara pdf files

They will not be around when Gehenna comes, because there is no Gehenna. Holding others in debt is the trait of a strong player in the Jyhad, while owing boons is seen as foolish. Please log in to add or reply to comments. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents.

But never make them look dumb for supporting the harpies!