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No | Issue 1 | Sporting Dog Journal. $ Available as digital download only (PDF) at this time. Select Format. Choose an option, Digital download. Sporting Dog Online - Pitbull Features. American Pit Bull Terrier - Pit Bull - Sporting Dog Online - Welcome to the largest The Journal. are fighting dogs there are drugs. Source- Chicago Police The International Sporting Dog Journal What they look like- PDF.

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Ye Editor is working on the brand new Dogs of the Year book, so be on the lookout Every piece of literature featured in this magazine is a work of ction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are the product of the authors imagination or are used ctitiously and any resemblance to actual persons or events is entirely coincidental. Images are for illustration purposes only.

The Sporting Dog Journal does not in any way encourage, promote, or sanction and illegal activities. You should keep away from dog ghting in any form, and the reason I think so is based on one very important consideration: dog ghting is illegal.

To make sure that you never get arrested at a dog ght is never to go to a dog ght where dog ghting is illegal. Use any legal means you want to educate the public and change the laws, but steer clear of breaking them.

Nothing within this publication may be reprinted, either whole or in part, without the explicit written permission of the author of the said material and the editor. This publication is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be sold or given away to other people. Thank you for respecting the authors work. After ipping through a few it just hit me how times have changed since then.

In those days fanciers were anxious to write a story or an article for the enjoyment and education of the readers. Unfortunately, it seems most of those guys have all retired or gone and the new generation is somewhat more reluctant to write something anything for publication. What triggered these changes? I guess modern technology just made people lazy and they dont want to do anything on their own anymore. That isnt a good situation and I think that it should change as soon as possible.

Are you expecting somebody else to do the work for you? Of course, I know dogmen are not writers but Im not asking you to write a Tolstoi like epic. Editors Corner I often get emails asking me if I would consider writing a story about their own dog! Youre the one who should write your dogs history! I dont know a thing about it Another thing that really amazes me is that some of the guys are concerned about security but at the same time they would rather write up a bunch of BS posts on some public forum instead of writing for a magazine which is read by only a handful of bulldog fanciers!

Im not sure I quite understand that logic. Of course, while forum posts can be edited or deleted anytime, the printed word lingers.

People, its time to grab your pen or keyboard and write something of interest and preserve your and your dogs place in breed history, let the future generations know about your part in this game Yours Truly, L. Not only does the number of dogs one feeds have no relevance to his being a good or bad dog man, but I think it can also have a negative impact on rookie dog men.

Well, if youve ever met a newcomer, you know how anxious they are to learn as much as they can about the dogs as quickly as they can.

But more importantly, you know how eager they are to be accepted by other members of the fraternity. If youre holding ve pounds of shit in your hands, does that make you any better o than the guy next to you whos holding only shit?

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No, quite to the contrary in fact. Neither of you has a very good looking hand, but at least the other guy has less to deal, with! I should know. When I first got hooked on these dogs I started with one bitch.

She was well bred and red hot, but one dog just wasnt enough for a real dog man. So I got a grown male. Again, he was well bred and looked good in short bumps.

Then the trouble started. From those two dogs I added two bitches that were both junk and a good little male.

Then came another bitch who was fair at best, another bitch that died young in an accident. But to me, that still wasnt enough for a real dog man. So, I bought another male who turned out to be a cur, and paid big bucks for a Ix winning bitch that I wouldnt part with today for 10 times what paid for her. But how many of the original group I just listed do I still have?

A few. And those that didnt work out for me were from some of the winningest bloodlines around. So what went wrong? Well, rather than take my time and pay my dues by raising a few well-bred pups, I decided I would jump in with both feet and download a whole yard full of grown dogs.

I thought this would make me look better in the eyes of established dog men. Wrong, Instead it just made me look stupid because all I ended up with were a bunch of well-bred curs that went from being on my yard to being under my yard! In the process I spent several thousand dollars and never took any of that original bunc of dogs to the shows.

Do I sound bitter about the experience? Hell yes. Am I envious of dog people who can afford to feed dogs? You bet I am! I wish I could afford to do the same. But then again, some of the best dogs Ive ever seen have come from yards of fewer than 20 dogs. It is not now nor has it ever been unusual to find dog men who keep 50,, dogs or more.

Leo Kinard always kept at www. Maurice Carver always maintained a good size yard as did Bob Hemphill and many others of the Old Guard. Even today many dog men are known to keep more than dogs in the best conditions imagineable. But some of the top dog men to ever play the game have only kept a few good dogs at one time. George Saddler was a top-notch dog man for four decades. It was unusual for him to have more than a handful of dogs on his yard at one time, but you could bet your bottom dollar that the ones he did feed were all true-blue bulldogs!

Irish Tim never had a large yard but those he fed were worth feeding, including a red terror known as CH. Even today there are dog men who only feed a handful of good dogs and yet are very tough to win against. Bob B. Ive talked with several people overseas that have only two or three dogs and yet show them - and win with them - on a regular basis.

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My advice to beginners, based on my own costly experience, is to house only as many dogs as you have room for and are able to feed and maintain properly. In time you may be able to add more dogs, but dont rush it, your time will come. For now, just be happy with what youve got and give your wallet a break! After all, isnt it better to hold a few pieces of gold than several pieces of crap? There is a ne line between something that sounds good on paper or an ad and that which is actually proven to work.

When it comes to the dog game there seems to be a lot of both. Dog men are constantly being bombarded with propaganda saying things like We were the rst to come out with this or our product is far more advanced than anything else out there. I say So What. Henry Ford was the rst to make cars and today a Ford is nothing special at all. The same goes along with blood lines. The same thing pertains when it comes to conditioning or feeding your canine athlete.

Have dogs digestive systems changed so much that now they dont need what nature intended for them to have? Did evolution speed things up and make it so that dogs dont need the nutritional values that come from MEAT? Dogs thrive on Meat and Meat based proteins. Whether its predigested or not, a dog needs meat to really thrive rather than just survive.

Dogs digestive systems are very similar to a humans. So similar that there are more similarities than not. However, dogs, whether it be your champion lying next to you or a wolf out in the wild need a different diet than a human. Dogs have long sharp teeth for tearing meat. Humans have short at leeth for grinding up grains and nuts. These diets can be interchanged, but see what happens when you do it. For humans that eat lots of red meat you see obesity, diabetes, heart disease, increased cholesterol, colon cancer and many other ailments.

When you feed not meat based nutrients like grains, Milk proteins Whey or soy, to dogs you see problems like allergies, thyroid insu ciencies, obesity, cancer and many other things. In the wild, when a pack makes a kill, they typically go for the intestines rst. Early researchers claim that this was solely because of predigested nutrients and enzymes that come fonn grasses eaten by the animal that dogs need.

This is only partially correct. Recent studies show that another reason for this is the high fat content of the internal organs which also means high taste and more calories. This again is opposite of what is best for a human. Low fat is better for a human. So why all the hype about things like Designer Whey Protein? Whey protein is a derivative of milk. Milk is something that nature weans carnivores o at an early age. You dont see dogs nursing when they are adults because there bodies cannot assimilate many of the enzymes in this type of nutrient.

There are also a chemical called lactose in milk protein that is very toxic to dogs as well as a lot of humans, i. Lactose intolerance Thats not to say that there isnt some nutrition to be gained from it, but there is as much bad as good. Dogs need whole proteins. These are proteins that are contained in whole foods. Things like whey proteins are separated from milk and are not whole proteins.

Whole proteins are things like Meat, Whole Eggs, internal organs etc. The fact of the matter is that Meats are not only natural to a dog, they www. Especially predigested ones. In the wild a dogs will go to a kill that has been laying there for a day or two before he will eat from a fresh kill because the one that has been laying there for a day or two has already been partially predigested by nature.

Unfortunately in the wild along with predigestion comes ies which mean worms etc. Dog food companies cant a ord to put much of these proteins in there products because of there high cost.

Because of there high digestibility a dog doesnt need to eat of lot of them to get high nutrient levels. If you think about it, it will make a lot of sense. Dogs need meat. When we do things with our dogs that arent natural, they need things that are going to supply increased nutrient values to help build their bodies and avoid muscle break down and fatigue.

Its still a natural food only modi ed for the high nutrient levels. When human athletes need increased nutrient levels, they dont switch their entire diets over to something that is not natural to them, they use natural foods that have been modi ed to increase nutrient values. Products like Metabolol or Designer Whey protein are great for humans because their properties are natural to a human.

When you start giving them to a dog, youre going to have problems. I say this from experience. When Metabolol was rst introduced to sporting dogs I was suckered into using in by a fast talking salesman that had never worked a dog before. Nearly every good dog man that I know that has tried it has had the same experience. Even the salesman that introduced it into the dogs quit selling it when dog men had such a bad experience with it.

If your training yourself I would say that a whey protein supplement is best, when it comes to your dog, go with Predigested Meat Proteins. What is Metabolol? Metabolol is a metabolic optimizer designed to ll in the metabolic voids that may occur in an individuals diet. For this reason it contains a generous amount of protein, carbohydrate, and fat in combination with a wide array of essential micronutrients to promote improved health. He took care of Tatis, Cheyenne and almost all of Tatis o spring, giving them proper nutrition and care.

In a few words he is the best at it, and is helped by Felix.

Sporting Dog Journal JULY 2010 OUT NOW!!!

After Cheyennes litter is weaned the Seores Garza keep 2 males, one being Ch. Cuco, and we kept a male and a female. From the time they were pups the female stood out, very active and restless, ghting all the time. You could see her unique behavior and temperament.

At 11 months we took her to some locals to roll her. They had a started 18 month old. Right away Cheyenne knew what was happening and in 6 minutes she already had her opponent in bad shape and they had to pick her up, arguing that there was no way she was 11 months and hadnt been to school yet. She was next schooled at 14 months old with a good Jeep Redboy gyp. Inbreeding this dog could bring these unwanted traits to the surface and suppress the desirable genes the breeder had hoped to preserve.

Unfortunately, genes are not visible to the naked eye, therefore the sounder the dogs, the less chance of undesirable specimens turning up. There is, as with everything, some debate as to which type of inbreeding produces the best progeny. I for one farther to daughter breeding have produced the best match and brood dogs. Chavis' CH. He was bred to about nine bitches, and in those nine litters, only 23 dogs lived to maturity. Yellow John out produced his illustrious sire, Tramp Red Boy.

Bronco was the result of Ch.

Bronco defeated three well-known kennels in the times of , , and minutes respectfully. His career started at the age of thirteen months and he died at the early age of three, due to heart failure.

This brings up the next, volatile subject, of which bloodlines can be inbred and still produce consistently. I think the Tramp Red Boy dogs are the most popular of the inbred lines today. It seems this line of Pit Bulls flourishes off of inbreeding. Inbreeding should be used sparingly and needs to be combined with ruthless selection in order to produce competitive match dogs. Undesirables can and should be culled to dispose of the pups that show signs of not conforming to the standards that we, the breeders, have set for ourselves.

Something that can not be done with humans of course. My definition of line breeding is the breeding of animals that are relative, but are not of immediate family. Examples would be cousins to cousins, grandfathers to grand daughters, and uncles to nieces.

In fact, there have been many good, game dogs inbred to produce dogs that lacked gameness. Yet, these same dogs yielded very talented progeny when line bred or out crossed. Carver did almost no inbreeding, at least none that appeared on paper, he was a firm believer in line breeding and felt you could achieve the same results by line breeding on superlative dogs.

What I find to be so good about line breeding is you can continue making the same kinds of breeding, from generation to generation, with basically the same results from each litter. This is why it is so important to be very selective in your breeding program. If there are little, best none, undesirables and a large quantity of quality dogs in the pedigree, you will have better control of the characteristics that the offspring will inherit.

Grand Champion Snake and Dolly were littermates and also half brothers and sisters to the aforementioned, all of who dam was Champion Honeybunch. Otis was one of his victims. Goldie represents this line very well, she is a solid, well built, Zebo appearing bitch.

Crock , got into it and Goldie killed Candy. What was so amazing is the fact that she did this two weeks before delivering thirteen Ch. Mechanic pups. Champion Mechanic was another rough match dog; none of his matches ever reached the hour mark.

Mechanic has also produced champions Gunner, Sex Machine and numerous one and two time winners. What makes this breeding so complex is that both, the sire and the dam, share common ancestors. Bo and Ch. Honeybunch, which could classify Trouble II as an inbred dog. Yet, there are also so many other dogs in his gene pool, such as Gr. Zebo and Ch. Since Goldie and Ch. Trouble II represents a scientific line breeding, by combining the dominant characteristics of the four major dogs that make up his pedigree, Ch.

Honeybunch, Ch. Bo , Ch. Otis And Gr. Quality dogs were used in this breeding and that is actually the most important factor.

In other words, it was a well thought out breeding. At some point you bred the three lines together and then crossed the result into a Kingfish bred dog. Genetically, you still will have a pit bull terrier, but will be considered a scatter bred one. Colby, who imported most of these dogs from the original stock in Ireland. This often results in dynamic match dogs. In most cases the sire is either an inbred or line bred dog from one strain and is bred to an inbred or line bred bitch from another.

I believe they were making these types of breeding to maintain or increase a certain aspect they were missing. For example, if I were breeding a line of dogs noted for their gameness and crossed it with another line also noted for their gameness, but from a different bloodline, the progeny should still be game. Conversely, if I was to take this same game bred line and cross it with a line noted for having a great mouth, but lacking in gameness, it may very well, have increased my lines mouth.

Therefore, one must be very selective when making an out cross. John P. Colby made just one out cross in his many years with these dogs and his line of dogs still remain, almost years later. Out crossing is an excellent remedy for filial degeneration. The bad: These dynamic match dogs, that are the results of out crosses, usually are fortuity, flukes if you may. Fortunately for these outstanding dogs their genes fell into place that made them good match dogs. How can one tell if this dog is a fluke or not?

Find out what the sire and dam has produced, outside of him, and check out the littermates, were they just as good as this one? Or just average or worse. To go a step further, of those ten, four of them are out crosses. I can not emphasize the point that you are breeding to the entire ancestry of a dog, not just the great sire or dam.

These out crosses contain so many different genes in their make up, it is virtually impossible to distinguish which characteristics will be transmitted to the offspring. I find the best way to breed to an out crossed dog is to breed it to an inbred dog.The bad: These dynamic match dogs, that are the results of out crosses, usually are fortuity, flukes if you may. Show related SlideShares at end.

After much debating back and forth they were never hooked. He was a nutcase but he wasnt stupid, he wanted to bite Clorox. Even today many dog men are known to keep more than dogs in the best conditions imagineable. Do what you want but having this,and having bulldogs in the same place is retarded.