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The vocabulary of English changes over time, with words being added and other words the Cambridge Learner Corpus and English Vocabulary Profile. Cambridge Vocabulary for - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Cambridge IELTS - from Cambridge IELTS Consultants IELTS Band 9 Vocab Secrets - Your Key To Band 9 Topic Vocab.

Curiously, this massive exodus from the land to the city was not accompanied by negative attitudes to rural living. In fact, the reverse occurred. It would seem that the less rural life is practised, the more it is cherished and the greater the emphasis on the hazards of urban life. In the years following the Industrial Revolution, a new artistic theme emerged: the theme of pastoral idyll.

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Lyrics, novels and paintings began to emphasise the beauty of nature and the virtues of rural life. A constant undertone in this theme is that rural living is more satisfying than life in the town. We are led to believe that, in the country, we canfind the safe, simple serenity that is so desperately needed by the alienated city dweller. In reality, various studies on life satisfaction have revealed that there is no advantage to living in a rural setting.

In developed countries, rural people tend to be just as satisfied with life as city people. Moreover, in the developing countries, rural dwellers are markedly less happy than city dwellers.

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The results of a survey conducted tofind out where people would prefer to live given the choice showed that the pattern of preference is in fact the reverse of the pattern of settlement.

Rural living is preferred more in the most urbanised parts of the world, while urban living is seen as most desirable in the least urbanised parts.

Not given ones. They are based on 2 The Agrarian Revolution occurred later in Europe than in other opinions or claims in the passage rather than facts.

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It is often difficult for city dwellers to appreciate the benefits of the rural lifestyle, so it can be difficult to persuade doctors and teachers to come and work in the 3 However, people born and raised in rural areas enjoy the 4 of life and often feel overwhelmed by the 5 pace of the city. Please send me a copy on nerrysingh.

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