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I just finished reading "Obsession-girl abducted" and I felt the end was like a SUDDEN! Why there weren't I read the Epub or PDF Version. Have I told You I . I cannot read from greavargesnado.cf because that are not epub or PDF I am waiting I just finished reading "Obsession-girl abducted" and I felt the end was like a. Obsession - Girl Abducted: Formerly The Stalker - Revised and Expanded [Claire Thompson] on greavargesnado.cf *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A dark.

Pretty much, unredeemable. But see? And fun! So you ready to get your feet wet? Your adrenaline spiked, your heart burned and your mind… bewildered? Basically are you ready for shock, anger, abhorrence and possible… infatuation, despite what your mind is telling you?

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Just in the way that this story shocked me, put me in my place and did not let me get up for one second of the ride. A detective familiar with kidnapping cases and Stockholm Syndrome is kidnapped.

SO SO good! I gasped, I shivered, I felt sick and I cried. Stockholm Syndrome gets me every time. Well, this one initiated me, trained me and whipped me into submission and I want more!

Guess where I stayed? Husband went and played with his hobby, and I got to indulge in mine. One of my all time favorite series ever!

Guess mama was right. But… wait for it. Loved it. These slave-trading monsters kidnap and force others into a life of sexual slavery but within the lap of luxury. But what makes my Stockholm syndrome acceptable even in public is the budding romance angle. The monster she is falling for… might not be so bad. Beautiful on the outside but so demented… ugly… on the inside sorry Tony lovers. I will say this was one of the hardest anti-heroes to fall for. I was scared EVERY step of the way, and any tiny loophole that Claire would find and try and use had me shaking in my boots.

I knew… I just knew. If you like Stockholm syndrome books, read this. Another handsome young man, infatuated by a beautiful young woman… in an airport. And as these two strangers chat in the airport restaurant, he slips something into her drink, and she wakes up, in the outback of Australia!!! She must now rely on him to survive and what a journey it is. And I loved the developing… relationship. What it had to become after so much time in captivity, in complete isolation.

Just the two of them. SO good. His intention to not get attached had him reacting and saying the most vicious things, and yet… like in all of these dark reads… she and we find ourselves falling for him.

This one killed me. A lot. But… yep.

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And this tempting beauty is calling to his dark side. And his dark side is craving it badly while his good side is punishing him for even going there. Just not as dark or twisted as her others.

A submissive escapes from a horrific hostage situation and is rescued by a man in the woods. She wants him to be her master. He wants nothing to do with that. Good, short dark read, with a few surprises that kept me satisfied. Oh boy this one tortured me from start to finish.

I hated it. I loved it. No matter what, though, I was IN. Plus, the majority of slaves being trained are there against their will. No, not their original home.

Go back to their master Stockholm Syndrome! She's going to hire eight men, sight unseen, to fulfill her hottest fantasy: being kidnapped, tied up, jacked off onto, and gang-banged in the city's darkest hovel! A story so hot it'll make you break a sweat! There was duct tape over her mouth. The surface against her back was scratchy car-floor fabric. Everything smelled like cigarettes. Street lamps were flashing past her.

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Irina closed her eyes and sank back into unconsciousness. She looked around.

She was in the back of a stripped-out van with two enormous He bent his head suddenly to take her fingers into his mouth and her body arched involuntarily into his. Her reaction gave him confidence, and he grasped her hips with his strong hands, pressing his mouth onto hers in a deep kiss.

She felt him grow excited against her belly, and his fingers gathered up the fabric of her sheer dress, cupping her bare buttocks underneath. He broke the kiss, grinning. Author's Note: Thank you for taking the time to nibble on this free sexy snack. If it's whet your appetite for more, please visit Purple Prosaic for a complete list of available titles.

In other words, if you want to taste the full range of my talents, visit me in my kitchen. I'll take you right there on the counter Rey knows better than to appear in front of humans, but something about Dixie attracts him like no other.

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Can a human and a Shimryn find love? He knows only the tides will tell A handsome young alpha male who falls for Amethyst Richardson and he does everything in his power to protect her; while trying to keep his inner wolf under control from possessing and desiring her Christopher She works as a college intern in his office.

She notices that he has been down in the dumps lately.

Working late one night, she hears him crying and wishes there was something she could do to make him feel better. She never thought it would involve her laying down on his desk with her legs spread Christopher Wedding Night Tease by Fiona Florence On his wedding night, Peter learns that his beautiful wife wants to take him further into the world of submission, teasing and humiliating him far beyond what he thought possible.

A short story with mild crossdressing, female domination, teasing and orgasm denial Burned by a cheating boyfriend in the past, Carys has moved glacially slow with Seth--until Christmas night That bump on your pretty little head, you had it coming.

For Loretta Manchester, that was what landed her in her present predicament. James Monroe was one of the hottest, most uncivilized men she'd ever met. Seeing him again, he's going to get a lot more uncivilized in her eyes Bored legal clerk Jenna needs some excitement in her life and she has her eye on the handsome new lawyer, Emile. When a chance encounter in the lift turns more humiliating than flirtatious, Jenna heads back to her desk, determined to put her obsessive fantasies to the back of her mind.

However, on stumbling into his office later, she finds Emile preparing for an afternoon soiree at the mysterious Cherry Tree Club. Will she take the initiative and get the tongue-lashing she rightly deserves? When her best-friend Lee drags her to a secret concert featuring one of the hottest rock stars around, she doesn't expect much. In fact, she sneaks out before the show even begins. A meeting with a sexy, mysterious stranger outside the club leads Sloan down an unexpected path. After a steamy hotel hook-up she is shocked to discover this stranger is actually Killian, lead singer of the band.

Chased by horny girls and desired by women everywhere, Sloan is amazed to find herself the sole focus of this coveted man. Can she overlook his deception? Not to mention the horde of girls eager to get a piece of him? Or will she return to her conservative life at home?

Total submission of the senses, she is at the mercy of her lover. With a mixture of pleasure and pain, he grants her all the pleasure she can wish for, but yet fulfillment is beyond her reach.

Teasing and taunting, he brings her closer to the cliffs edge, only to deny her, over and over again Sometimes books are listed as free for only a short time, so please carefully check any pricing at the checkout to make sure that the book you have chosen is still free of charge Free eBook Filters Search for Author or Title: Source.Brandon leaves his boyfriend in the city for a quiet life in the mountains after an affair with a professor ends with Brandon being forced to kill a research animal.

To everyone who knew them, they seemed to be the perfect couple living a life most people would kill for. Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager: All Rights Reserved.

Codependent No More: The Cheesemongers Kitchen: Secret Slave: Revised Standard Version.